Demian Johnston is a Seattle-based illustrator, designer, musician, instructor and letterpress printer.

His illustrations and designs have been seen on various magazines, newspapers, clothing and records. Clients have included The Stranger, The Village Voice, Beer Advocate, City Arts Magazine, RCA Records, Southern Lord Records, Deathwish Records, Hydrahead Records, Revelation Records, Init Records, KTL, Ken MODE, Debacle Records, Broken Press, Kiss It Goodbye, Hell Comes Home, Mylene Sheath, Dead Accents and a whole lot more.

It’s not likely that you’ve stumbled upon Demian’s music but it is possible. He has recorded under his own name and with many bands over the last 20 years or so. Bands that Demian has recorded and/or performed with as either a member or a guest include Undertow, Kiss it Goodbye, Playing Enemy, These Arms are Snakes, The Action Suits, Nineironspitfire, Harkonen, Saidchild, Blsphm, Hemingway, Great Falls, and more than a handful more. Labels he has released work on include Escape Artist Records, Hawthorne Street Records, Hell Comes Home, Init Records, Hydrahead Records, Dead Accents, Overkill Records, Excursion Records, and many more as well.

In the last year he has become the designer and press operator for Annie’s Art & Press. Built around a hundred year old Chandler & Price letterpress machine, Annie’s Art & Press is producing and distributing cards, prints, invitations, business cards, and whatever people need throughout the Pacific Northwest region.

Demian is a father of a very energetic little girl who builds entire cities out of paper and all of the masking tape.

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by Demian Johnston | Split cassette w/Mamiffer